Painting rims?


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i have an older Yamaha stage custom and the rims are silver. would it be ok to spray paint the rims black or any other color?


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You can spray paint them, but that stuff will chip right off. You'd be better off either buying a set of powdercoated rims, or seeing your local powdercoater who can do it for you. It's a lot more durable than spray paint, my friend.


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Powdercoating is the only way to go. I had my cowbells done a few months ago because they were all beat to shit....and I haven't chipped or dinged one yet! And that's playin' the hell out of it! Especially with're gonna be hitting the things here and there.....powdercoating will hold up.....paint won't.


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I had an old Rockstar snare that i took apart and spraypainted evey peice white. I put a shit load of coats on in then a shit load of clear coats on it, and guess what... it all just chipped right off :x


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try painting them with a latex based paint, it will still chip after a while, but it will last a lot longer than spray paint.