Painting Lugs


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Okay, so I'm building a snare drum right now and it already has the drilled holes and finish done on it. Next I'm going to put everything together. I ordered all kinds of parts for it and I'm trying to make a decision. Almost everything I ordered came in a chromeish black color. The hoops, snare wires, tension rods, etc. However the type of lugs I bought are silver and didn't come in black. So I'm trying to decide if I should leave them silver or try to paint them the chrome black color. I went to Lowes to see if I could find the right color in spray paint. However it didn't look like they had anything that would look the same as the rest of my stuff. So here are my options: Leave them silver, paint them a gloss black that's not chromeish, or continue my search for the chrome black color spray paint. Does anybody know of anywhere that might sell the right color I'm looking for?

Sorry that's the best picture I could find. That's the color though. The black hoop. You can see that's it's still shiny and a little reflective just like the silver one, but it's black too.



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No. Powder coating is where they apply paint in powder form and then heat it. If you're looking for a cheap way, then spray paint them but the paint will eventually flake off.


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I've had almost no problems using oil based primer and then oil painted behr multi-surface paint on my lugs and rims, even with road wear and tear, the paint doesn't even chip or fade