Other people using your kit?


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Ok, maybe I'm the a@@hole but a couple weeks ago I let 2 other drummers use my kit and now it's all 'off'. I told them both that they could use them under the pretense that they didn't move any drums around. I have a tama kit with omni-sphere tom holders. For you that have them you know that they can sometimes be a bitch to adjust. So they both proceeded in shifting things around. Removing drums and boom arms. I understand using other peoples gear can be tough but don't make it your own for your 45 minute set. Geez. Am I in the wrong for being pissed? It's taken me, literally, years to get it to where I am uber comfortable and now these jackasses screw everything up.


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HELL NO! You are'nt wrong I let a friend play my shit for 10 minutes and had to retune behind him. I can't figure it out cause I don't have to retune after I play maybe my 12 "after 3 practices. I never let anyone use my shit anymore. BOTTOM LINE MY SHIT MY$ DON"T ASK.


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Sometimes it is just easier to let somebody play your stuff if they are going to have to set their kit up tear it down, then you begin putting yours up. Especially if you have a kit with lotsa shit like I do. But Yeah, I try to avoid it if at all possible. And definitely NOT if I don't know the person.


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im real picky about my throne height. after i let my friend play my kit i got so frustrated because the throne went down.


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you are not an asshole. its a matter of respect. if i'm at a gig, i never ask to play the drumset, even if i'm friends with the person. i understand the comfort feeling and its just wrong to mess with the setup. i especially understand the throne height thing, that pisses me off so bad! at a recent gig i played, this kid i know asked to play my set, and i said no, very firmly. i go upstairs to "get ready for the sets", if you know what i mean, and i hear my set being played. i rush downstairs, snatch the sticks out of his hand and reem him out. he's lucky i didnt kick his ass. how are you gonna ask to play someones set, they say no, and you play it anyway? disrespectful at best.


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Absolutely no way in hell do I ever let anyone play my kit unless I'm standing there and they're just trying it out. I agree that it takes alot of time to find a comfortable setup, and besides, there's so much frickin' money wrapped up in my equipment, there's just no way anyone else is gigging with my gear. EVER. Most people know not to even ask.


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I agree..I don't like others playing my kit.Its just not the tuning,and moving stuff around,but if the break a head,or a cymbal I am gonna be super mad!I expect to do that stuff myself..its my stuff,and I have to be the one to replace it.If they are using my kit and crack a cymbal...are they gonna buy me another one?I doubt it!!


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I hate it when other people ask to use it and you agree, and then they start complaining about the way YOUR drumset is set up to the way YOU like to play it, THE NERVE!

I once played at this fundraiser at my school with other bands from other schools. I had agreed to let everyone use it, the minute a new drummer got on they started to change all kinds and shit. To make a long story short, my kit was in blended with about four other kits by the end of the night. :(


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I hate letting others use my kit. I hate that club owners sometimes assume that drummers are ok with random people using your expensive gear. I fear when a heavy hitter has to use my kit, for the most part, I don't think those guys understand that when you are using someone else's kit, you have to pull some punches, or get punched!! I also hate using other peoples stuff because it prevents me from playing 100%, and I am afraid to break something!!


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same here.
one gig some guy used my whole gig pretty much, including hardware and he was safe as fuck with it.
then the next gig, this guy used MY kit and his hardware and that but started fucking about with my settings and re-tuning my toms. i am not in the wrong to be fucking fumeing about that am i?


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I don't do it. I was drumming and singing for a band and we thought we'd try out a new drummer so I could just sing. this guy was 6'4 240. awesome guy awesome drummer.... a couple days later I go to sit down and the bar had been bent under his weight so of course the bar almost went up my ass and I had to buy a new throne.. Now noone touches my drums but me!!!
not at all. everytime i play a gig, i make it very clear that i dont want anyone else using my kit by putting a sign near it. one time, one guy got pissed that i wouldnt let him use it so he stole a tom mount, and 2 cymbals stands from me after i broke it all down.


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I had that once, my old band was headlining at this gig and i went outside to get some fresh air, my kit was about a month old at the time and i allowed the drummer from the support band to use my kit as i knew him from school and pretty much taught him from day one.

Anyway, whilst i was outside i heard crashing and banging which sounded like someone was whacking hell out of a drum kit. So i ran back inside and the drummer from the support band let his mate have a go on my kit, this kid was not a drummer and thought it was funny to see how hard he could hit them! At this time i became extremly pissed off and went upto him grabbed him from behind and pulled him off the stool, I got into a big row with the drummer i knew and this kid and refused to let him use my gear for the gig, so the support band did an acoustic set!

Later that evening when i got home, I unloaded my gear and my sister called me over, there was a huge deep scratch down the side of my bass drum, I couldn't believe it, we found out that the drummers mate had used his car key to scratch the hell out of the drums paintwork. I swear i was not a happy girl, so i got the police involved and got him done for it. He ended up paying for my bass drum to be re-wrapped, would have been cheaper to get a new kit but i thought sod him!


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I never do - the last 2 times I did I wound up with broken heads to play on during my set.

My advice - If you're an opening act, always plan on bringing and setting up your own drums, don't ask to use the headliners drums. Sometimes they'll ask you to use their drums to make things easier (soundman issues, small venues, setup concerns ECT) plan on using your own pedals and cymbals - you'll have all of this stuff with you because you planned on using your own drums anyway.

If you're the headliner, don't do it unless you have to. You usually have to get there much earlier to backline your kit and soundcheck - all of this work is a waste of time if someone else moves your gear around and changes your montior mix. It's your show, you deserve to have things the way you want.

Never let the soundman tell you that you have to let someone else use your kit - he works for you. If it is the only way the show can work and you feel comfortable doing it go ahead - but be ready for whatever problems may come of it.



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Well it's like this.....

I host a jam nite from time to time, and what I do is I use my back up kit for others to play......

It depends on the people with me... Now I only let people sit in on my baby (MApex Blue Ice) IF I KNOW HOW THEY PLAY.....

Luckily I havent havent run into any animals yet.....
Drum courtesy is to not move around someones kit too much-
Adjust the height of the seat and snare is ALL I do
I try to work with weird cymbal angles...
Play but dont offend the host or his/her kit.....

"Sit-in" Etiquette 101-01

Hey we need a "Knights of the Drum Circle" kind like the "Man-Law" beer commercials.......


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I thought I was the only "A Hole"...After I let someone at one of my gigs sit it with my band and he totally stunk on my drums..I told myself never again (and so did my band hehe)...

I have always had a problem with others using my stuff anyway...They're not going to respect it like you do.....



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naw I don't think your an @ss, if you really think about it, if those two dudes were drumemrs they should ahve brought thier own kit.......There would be no way in hell I would show up to a gig without my kit and expect to play somebody elses........

I used to practice at my bass players house and one day we had a prarty right after practice and lots of other musicians showed up and we all were in his studio jamming and people were trading off on my bands bass and guitars and I was a bit nervous because most of those gusy were playing metal and my kit is a Catalina Birch Grestch, not really made for metal.....After some urging I let a guy play and they were playing real respectable with our gear and I stepped out side and heard some gawd awful noise from the studio and this other crazy @ss drummer was on my kits and he's one of these guys that jump off the seat and slams on the toms and cymbals..........I was like "WTF?" I went over and grabbed him and threw his @ss out..........Needless to say the party ended right there and then...........

I had badly scuffed cymbals, my heads were all dented in, and forget about "My" sticks that they trashed..........

So now I'm very selective on who plays my kits, I'm not sponsored nor rich so what I got I paid with my own money so I try to keep my stuff in good playing order........Luckly here in Albuquerque all the bands we played with have their own gear so thats never a problem.......There are the occasional head busting or chain breaking on a bass pedal and that i don't mind lending out but never my kits.....But as a rule of thumb, if the other drummer plays harder than me..............Ain't no chance in hell.............!!!


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At my last show, I let some one use my snare. Even just a snare and i was furious watching him play on it. he was torchering it. Second after second I watched the snare as it cried and became closer to breaking. And that's just a snare.
A whole set? Man, listen. No body should ever be on your set changing things but you. You are 100% correct to be mad.


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bro i also hate it when someone plays my kit!!!! i play mostly at my church and a few weeks ago some other band came in and the drummer just expected to use my stuff.....thats whats pisses me off the most!!!!!! plus he sucked really bad.....so i agree " my stuff dont ask to use it"