Other Band Member's Equipment


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I just spent about a week looking over guitar pedals before finally finding one both my guitarist and I liked (Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff), and I realized that I cared as much about his sound as he did. Do you comment on other people's equipment, even when you don't play their instrument?


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yeah, i always try to give compliments to my band mates, their sound it just as important to me as mine is.
and giving compliments will always lead to receiving them :D


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I play other instruments, and I love gear, so I try to keep up with what's new and interesting in each area, esp bass and guitar.
I'm not sure I'm going to survive the NAMM show this weekend! :shock:


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i actually helped my last band figure out their effects signal paths
Half of their equipment was mine anyways
They were none too happy when I left the band and took half with me
Guitars always make more profit than drums so I have always sold guitars


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I am always interested in my band members equipment. Our guitarist/vocalist is always getting new stuff like every month and always telling me about it lol. Theres no point in only focusing on your instrument, you need to expand your views and interests in order to find the best possible sound for your band


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I point out new things I read about but I'm no expert when it comes to guitar and bass fields, I play a bit of both and have a guitar and bass but more of just things to play with rather than actual compose or play in a band with


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I always talk shop with other musicians, the more you know about how someone plays the more you will be able to compliment their style with your own.


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Our band tries to know as much about each others equipment as possible. We have some technical guys in our band so a new piece of equipment can be alot of fun! Peace on ya!

Rob Crisp

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I don't really know much about guitars and distortions, reverb etc etc but when my band mates are coming up with new parts and sounds I always let them know what i think sounds good or not!

They always repay the compliment as well.


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ya i always help my bass player and guitar player get the right amp and effects but they never help me find a good cymbal or anything :cry: