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As a musician, drummer, and appreciator of all kinds of sounds and music, I'm finding my situation in my current band to be rather complicated. Sorry if this sounds more like a gripe in the end:

Early on with the drumset, one of the 2 beats I was able to sustain was the simple fast punk 1-2 kick-snare-kick-snare with hi-hat 8ths, which, of course, was IMPERATIVE with the friends I jammed with at the time, and because i was the only one who could sustain that beat for more than 10 seconds!

Fast forward through personal scene changes, many jam sessions, concerts/cds/tapes/records/radio shows of all kind, leading to an expansion of my mind of all kinds of genres from jungle/drumandbass to ragtime and now I'm dealing with my very straight-forward, if not close-minded, post-hardcore metal band that has played about 30 shows since starting up 2 years ago. We don't even have enough songs for a full length album yet. It's obvious what I should do, but my patience is a curse as well as a virtue.

I'd like opinions/gripes/stories from other open-minded drummers who are in two (or more) bands/projects of distinctly varying genres/styles. Basically it just comes down to how much time can one afford to give for other bands or jam sessions. If time weren't a factor I swear I'd try to jam with as many people all over the world as I could...

Because I'm not even gonna tell my band that I saw Dave Brubeck (quartet with the great Randy Jones on drums, and 2nd set with an orchestra) with my Dad the other of the greatest shows ever! actually, i'll tell them cuz i don't care if they ridicule me or not.


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Wait... i'm confused. So you've become an accomplished drummer, but that accomplishment was stunted by the fact that your in a post-hardcore band. Now you want to branch out a fill in some serious sized shoes, but your afraid of what others will think when they see you playen in some "sissy" band?

(FYI I just used sissy band cause it made me laugh. I'm not doggen any of you out there :p )

But thats what i got outta this. Maybe you didn't even wanna ask us anything at all and im misinterpreting. :?:


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as far as I understood your post, I have to say:

Nobody can somehow influence my musical taste. That's my very personal thing. And I think I am too old to identify myself with my music in a way that I can't allow anything else around me. Which would be stupid.

Get that straight to them, you sissy (jk!)... :D
May the groove be with you...


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Your story does not surprise me in the least
Depth of charachter don't mean squat when your band sees a drummer that can play fast and wishes you were him
Most bands have blinders on and cannot see past the limitations of the genre that they are in


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from what i can understand of your story, the fact that it's a hardcore band has nothing to do with it. it's not the style of music the band plays, it's the fact that you assume that the rest of the band would look down upon you for liking another type of music that they won't approve of. that's a dumbass issue, not a musical issue.

if it's a band you care about, hopefully the other members are friends of yours and you should all respect each other and your respective musical tastes. if it's just a gig that you could care less about, then who cares what they think. they're just coworkers.

as far as the style of music, they should expect you to be able to play the appropriate drums for the style, as you should of them. if it's a metal band, you gotta play metal; if it's jazz, you gotta fit that. if you want to branch out, that's a whole other issue. then you gotta either see if the band wants to break out with you or move on.

also, dave brubeck! who the hell is going to look down on you for jumping on that opportunity?!


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it's not totally clear what you are saying, but this is what i'm getting out of it (forgive me if i'm inaccurate!)..

you are growing as a musician and are getting interested and inspired by other styles of music and your current project's focus is limiting your ability to explore those interests... i guess you have to make a decision - whether to stay in the band or not...

i play a number of styles and as i grow, i realize that there is no such thing as comparing genres b/c each genre (be it rock, jazz, country, zydeco, etc.) has its own 'soul' and its own flavor that makes it authentic and moves people... so in terms of comparing genres, i've outgrown that mode of thinking b/c above all, it is limiting and an unproductive viewpoint (in my opinion). i loved all types of music and drumming solidifies that feeling even more.

i say when in doubt, go with your gut and do what feels right to you, and you will project that in your playing and it will feel like you're in the flow. life is too short to be stifled or frustrated and as drummers, we know the labor of love and endurance the instrument requires. find a happy medium with your band, or join or start a new project. in the end, its your time and musicianship on the line and you need to do what suits you.


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** Start playing what you FEEL like playing. **

One of two things will happen.

1: Y'all will write some killer new songs and this feeling of stagnation will dissipate.

2: It will become very clear that a new band is in order and you will exit stage left.


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Or both (torkid), DO play what you feel in your current band and DO find others to play with, even if this other band has some of the same members. Every outlet you have will help you grow musically, and help take the stagnate feel out of already stagnate punk genre. That was not meant to be insulting, but how many ways can you use the same 3 chords? When you take these other genres that you have the opportunity to play and add them to your punk band, it may even transcend "punk" and become something else altogether, and bring your friends' musicality up to your level.


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thanks for all the support folks!

I guess it's a matter of establishing more individuality on my part...I consider my band to be a group of close friends, and I'm sure they'd understand if I were ever to leave permanently. My compromise and realistic prediction for the band's future would most likely consist of rare shows, even more rare practices, and only POSSIBLY recording this year. From the start, the band's statement was very distinct and almost cooked up like a soup, which might've subconsciously prevented me from opening up my potential with the band. I've already been jamming with others, and look forward to more encounters that I hope to have in any/all music!

i've begun to clarify my immediate goals/aspirations as far trying to temper my skill/technique, and reading these forums helps too! right on.


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I did a two month short-erm gig with a drummer-less metal band back in 1993. I knew the guitarist from a jazz gig I had done a year previously. The bassist was a killer fretless player who had studied at BIT. The singer had dropped out of Julliard, perhaps not long after I was born. After the gig, we'd all get some coffee and talk about the latest Pat Metheny release.


It was a good metal band, but they had diverse interests, and that can only be good. Last I heard the singer and guitarist had moved to Portland to form a post-grunge act. I saw the bassist on TV last year on some awards show playing for some country chick crooner.


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start your own band. write all of the parts yourself, and get people who can play what you write or contribute to your liking. That's what I'm doing and it's taking forever, but in the end I'll have something I'll feel good about attaching my name to.