Open handed drumming


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Anyone out there do this?

I've been working on it for the past month or so and I'm starting to notice a lot of neat little things I'm able to do now.

I think the hardest part was learning to start and end fills with my left hand.

If you play open handed, what are some exercises you used to learn it? I'm basically just playing along to albums and playing through some books. I've read that some people in order to get their left hand up to speed with their right actually started doing EVERYTHING left handed. I dunno, I guess I'm just curious to hear other people's experiences with this.


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I play open handed from time to time. In the music I play now with my band I use it when I need to do sth with the metronome etc. It's good to be able to lead with your weak hand when you have to do something with the other. To teach myself I just played one bar of a groove with the strong hand on the ride and another bar with the weak hand on the hihat. Starting from simple grooves you'll build the confidence.


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Shalaq":20otjp7g said:
Starting from simple grooves you'll build the confidence.
I've been doing that a lot. It's kind of embarrassing though, to think of all the other drummers in the practice space hearing me fumble over these simple fills all the time haha, that's why I occasionally have to switch back to my right hand and tear it up a bit just to make myself feel better. :)


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I started out as a lefty and played exactly reverse to a righty
Then I got a cable hi hat
This allows me to kinda cheat in that I still use my left for for primary bass drum stuff and the right foot for hi-hat
This opened up my playing tremendously and stopped me from whacking the back of my hand with a stick since I no longer cross over
I no longer have to play around my snare hand and my quickness and power have improved as well
I have placed that hi-hat all over my kit but prefer it right in front of the snare
Thel open handed drummer that influenced me the most was Tim Solyan of Victim's Family
That guy has metal springs for muscles