"Olympic snare drum" (early sixtees - vintage)


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I have an Olympic snare drum 14" x 5" with 6 lugs, and I wonder if anyone can give me more information about it. I am pretty sure this is the model:

Thanks for any information, regarding quality, price, rarity, etc.

Pork Sword

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correct me if I am wrong...but I believe these are a "cheaper" version of the premier line...mahogany shells, decent hardware and shitty strainers. Not really rare though, sort of in the same ball park as the Kent stuff...not a bad find, but not extremely collectable either. The one I had about 15 years ago had a pretty cool woody tone & was fun to mess around with.

I believe they sort of equate to a Pacific/DW thing...of course comparing them to Pacific.

value: depending on who is looking...it could fetch $75-125 USD on ebay from what i've seen...


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Thanks a lot for reply! :D

It was about the same thoughts I had myself, but it's always nice to get a second opinion. Thanks again! :D

It is Premier, yeah.

P.S. The lugs look quite similar to those made famous by Yamaha RC's many years later. Same design.