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Mahavishnu Orchestra has always been one of my favorites....I especially like "open country joy" (I think thats the name). The fill going into the louder section is pretty amazing.....


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Billy is a great clinician because he's very straight with his words. It helps to be a big dude and a big drum set, able to play all the notes he plays. Kids who had never heard of him always walk out of his clinics with a new hero.

I actually kind of prefer Billy in a straight jazz context. Loved his playing with McCoy Tyner. Dude can swing his butt off, but I don't think a lot of people know it.


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Billy is an amazing player, and a great clinician. I've seen him play a few times, and each time I saw him I was more impressed. His be-bop playing is FLAWLESS, and in fusion, he puts a pocket where it would seem impossible to carve one out.


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First clinic i ever went to was Billy Cobham back in the late 80's. He was amazing! I remember him playing a huge Tama kit. I still have that autographed picture he gave me. Over the years ive been to several clincs,his was the best as far as im concerned! Great drummer!