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hey guys i was reading all the posts and replys and saw that every one was cool and not a prick so i feel comfortable enough to ask this not old enough to have a real job..dont get me wrong im 14 but im still pretty good on the drums but i was woundering if you guys have any ideas of jobs that a 14 year old could do because i want to buy a nother kit but i dont have the money


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i bought my first drumkit from mowing neighbors yards while i was in HS. i also bagged groceries at the local grocery store. it ain't the limelight, but it will make you money to get your kit.



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You could sell drugs! LOL.... Dont do that! I was just JOKING!!!
I worked at tire store loading and unloading tires. Not fun! but it paid for a real nice set of master customs.


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theres always!
jk! you sould sell stuff, like maybe you could sell the kit that you have now and look for a really nice afordable used kit! thats what i did, check