off songs?


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a couple of my bands songs are acoustic and we decided adding in
a brush part or rod part to it would kill the mood so
basicly for a couple of songs on some sets im just sitting there
all call them off songs but there might be a tech term for it

anyways i was wondering if any of you guys suffer a similar fate
and im curiouse of what you guy do during these little breaks
usualy i drink a bottle of water and wipe the sweat but the
song never seems to end,so i end up kinda just rocking back
and forth on my thrown.

lol anyways just kinda curiouse.


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Depends on the venue. If you are under stage lights, and they put the spot on the cats playing acoustically during the tune, you could get up and walk away. If it is a smaller venue/situation without said lighting, you sit there quietly and do not distract the attention from the musicians performing.

If it's possible, arrange your sets so that the tunes following the acoustic numbers have intros that feature the other musicians not performing. This way the show show doesn't slow down and it gives the guys/girls playing the acoustic instruments time to switch to other gear, if necessary.


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My band has one song with a minute long acoustic intro. Every time we play it live, I get off the stage and sit with the crowd for
"story time" (some of our groupie-fans get everyonein the crowd to sit down :p). Have some fun with it, try to make the show entertaining.

break the prism

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the only songs that my band has with no drums are the ones that require me on vocals. we have a song where there is a 1:30 acoustic guitar interlude with no bass and no drums. for that i just sit back and kind of stare up at the lights, maybe have a few puffs of a cigarette.


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same, sit back and relax, enjoy the rest of ur band mates, just dont make any noise...worst thing you could do...have a beer...not water..


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show that, somehow, while you're not playing a part in the song, that you're still a part of the show....crowd participation???