odd time and polyrhytm - II

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here is a good odd time solo at www.myspace.com/utsizimring (the video).

for those who understand odd time and polyrhytm: enjoy it,

for those who are new in it i will analyse the solo:

the meter is 13/8, the grooping is 4,3, 4, 2, that what the bass plays, but he starts on 2.
the drum solo starts with shuffle feel, then he plays double time 4/4 feel agaist the 13/8, then he plays 4/4 brazilian feel, then 13/8 (plays the melody of the song, on the toms, the quite part), then he plays frazing 5/8 against 13/8, moves to 3/8 feel and goes back to 5/8. then he plays 4/4 shuffle feel, then moves to 13/8 latin feel, over the kit. 7/8 against the 13/8, then plays the Buddy Rich cross sticking excersise(4/4) and then triplets feel (grooping 6 + 3) agaist 13/8, then double time 4/4 groove, then 6/8 feel, then double time 4/4, then 13/8 groove over the slap, 13/8 flam feel, 13/8 played with grooping 7, 4, 2, one stroke roll 1/32 over the kit.

it's a good exercise to count it, it took me pretty long time to write this down.

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