Octobon tuning and sizes- question


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Hi everyone.
I have 4 Original Tama Octobons
My set is considered the higher 4 of the 8.
(high set instead of the low set)

I like smallest one giving me a super high/ULTRA tight sound.
Next I have the 4th one (lowest of the high set) right next to it
(i only have 2 set up on one stand) which is tuned much lower
so I can get the "THROATY" Octobon sound (where you can hear
the length of the drum.

I use clear Remo pinstripe heads on both of them.

***QUESTION: What is the "proper" tuning?
(i know, it is to my/your liking, but what do you think is... BEST :?: )
Stewart Copeland NOW has his Octobons set up like this;
Longest octo (lowest) 1st on his set up (far left) but tuned higher.
(please correct me if I am wrong) (and then 2 more in the same order).
Anyone know about this stuff?