Can anyone tell me why tama has the otoban market?
Does anyone else make them?
Black really dont go with my amber kit.
Id like to find a clear set.
Is there such rascal?
I really dont want to spend enough dough that could be spent buying another set.

HOLY drumsticks, someone needs to start to make these things.
Make a mold and plastic inject them. Simple right? :?: :?


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i've made them out of differant lengths of pvc pipes already. buy four pieces of differant lengths (6 inches wide), 6 inch rims, lugs, tension rods and heads and their you go


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I've got 4 old Tama's but have lost the rims for 2 of them. I think Pearl make metal versions. I've seen some about a year ago. They are metal and look pretty good.


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I have the original Tama long ones. Pearl makes Aluminum ones, Peace gets the same shells. Medicine Man Drums can make them in any color you want out of acrylic.

Dragon drums (defunct) used to make clear as well. Bill Buford used them. They were called Dragoons or something like that.

I have heard that someone was using PVC to make them.
Thanks everyone for the helpfull info.
I cant see paying all that money for what i want. But im sure i'll break down and get some soon.
I do like that fact that i can get some that will kinda match or somewhat not stick out like a sore thumb with my set.
Its a natural wood amber finish.

Is your set the 4 low pitch?
I guess there is a way to line them up ? rather that have two above two?
Id like to have them all in a row and the 4 low pitch.


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Yes, mine are the low pitch. I have both sets of stands, I can either line them up in a row or quad them. My issue with them is that they are so long that it is hard to place them sometimes. I am considering having MM make me a clear acrylic set of 8" (head size) instead of the 6". Then I can use them with any of my kits. He replaced the shell on my Gong Bass drum with a clear shell for this same purpose. I like the sound options of the 8's. Alex Van Halen had a set of both 6" and some 8's. I would probably only do 3 instead of four in the 8's.

I am also designing a Rototom kit with (3 each) 6" and (3 each) 8" to be used like Octabans, then going with the 10, 12, 14 16, 18's.
Have you heard the doppler set?
Its like 1100 bucks for the whole set , which is not that bad in price compaired to others.
Im going to write to the company and see if there is a set close i can check out here in florida.

Dude what part of central florida are you in?
Im in melbourne, i need to check that clear set your talking about out.
Thats really what i want, is a clear set that wont stick out, more than my set.
I wouldnt mind if your friend could make me set for a fair dollar.
That roto set up sounds really nice. Placement on the octobans for me, is going to be a issue, but i'll work it out. Its one of the things i enjoy is setting up and placement of my set, so as im cool with where everything thing is.



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Thanks for the tip on Doppler Drums. Do they have an English version website? They appear to be an OEM branded version of Peace drums. Just an educated guess but I think that they purchase wholesale from Peace and repackage as their own name. This was a very common practice for beginning drum companies years ago. Some started out making shells and or complete sets for other manufacturers Pearl did it, and several others, if I remember correctly.
No problem, Im not sure, but im going to email the company tonight as i have the 2 year old today to watch.
I just hope i can find the clear ones.
I just wrote a email to my friend jim riley for rascal flats and hes the featured artist at ludwig now on there page. I asked him to talk ludwig and ask them to start making the darn things.lol
I told him maybe he could design a set.
Who knows maybe he can get something for me, in the clear.
I just want to save my monies as i need microphones in the furture.



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I don't know how they sound, I just gave info on a company that makes Octobans :)
But I believe the maple they use is somewhat similar in quality to the maple used in semi-pro sets.