O-Zone Crashes/Splashes


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I was considering ordering one of the new Sabian AAX O-Zones but the holes make me worry they're going to crack really quickly... I doubt anyone's played these yet but what's your opinion?

I especially like the 10" O-Zone Splash, eh?


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i really like the sound of the hhx ozone crashes based on the sabian sound clips but if youre one of the people here that religiously breaks cymbals then they probably arent for you. i havent heard the aax ozones and i didnt even know they had them until now but theyre probably a lot like the hhxs just brighter. id like to have an hhx because it sounds like the perfect blend of a crash and a china. if you like them then get one but i wouldnt be really surprised if it breaks on you.


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Personally ive tried them out and they sound amazing. I consider them more of like a cymbal you just hit occasionaly or at the beggning of a song or somthing. A professional drummer uses one his name is TerreonGully and you can go to his website terreongully.com and listen to the opening of one of his songs to see how its sounds. Yeah if your planning on like riding that cymbal alot though it probably wont last you very long.