Nylon Vs. Wood tips


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Me and a fellow drummer recently had a discussion over wether nylon tips sounded better on drums and cymbals or wooden tips. I personally prefer nylon tips, especially on the bell of my ride. Any specific preferences?


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There are several threads here on this topic. Look around abit. As for me, I prefer wooden tips. Peace on ya!


Nylon gives you way way way way more attack and they last longer.....there are actually 1,000,000 threads about this.......


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you need both. if your playing metal, \and your riding your ride you want the attack of nylon. if your playiong jazz, your gonna sound like an asshole using nylon tips. i prefer nylon cuz they sound brighter on the ride and hats and they dont chip away like wood tips do


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I play Vic Firth's 2B Nylon Tip, and i love them. I've found that you always get a better and durability with the Nylon tiped sticks. You always get a better sound with Nylon tips on the ride and as for the other cymbals you usually dont strike with the tip, but you do get a more solid and crisp sound on the ride, and also the tip will not chip, wich affects the sound a whole lot.



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Nylon never holds up. Always use wooden tips. The difference in a live setting is nominal at best, except that your sticks will last longer.


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i have always played with wood tips. i play metal and my oak sticks not only sound fine on my ride but they also last as long as they should. and when i hit my ride bell i use the shaft of my stick because i only use that as an accent. wood tips all the way.


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I've never liked the idea of nylon tips.. wood sounds better and feels better.. my opinion yes but im very much for as real as things get and nylon tips just make things sound very.. well blah.. i dunno.. wood all the way and more specifically. i love Vater fusions.. very comfortable


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I'm switching over to all wood tips since I seem to shatter the nylon tips.

I do like the sound of nylon on the ride more than wood though.


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my nylon tips always seem to pop off or just shatter (i've tried vater and pro-marks with nylons)... i like the sound of nylon on my ride, but wood just seems to have a better all around feel. plus the tips don't come off.

missing nylon tips have gone unnoticed during shows many a time and have resulted in many damaged/broken drum heads. =(

Rob the Drummer

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Well, I've used both. I like both for different things as mentioned above. I've been using Pro-mark 5b nylons for a while now and I rarely have a problem with the tip.

For marching stuff, I can't stand Nylon tho...

To each his own though, play with what you are happy with, there is no right or wrong!


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If you are having problems with nylon tips coming off it's because the sticks you buy are pieces of sh!t. Spend the extra couple of bucks a pair and get some good sticks. I never have problems with cracking nylon tips and you can ask anyone around the North Carolina area and they'll tell you I'm one of the hardest hitters around.


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i prefer nylon every wood tipped stick ive used has chipped or lost shape and either loses quality of sound i do on ocation break nylon tips but its alot less frequent to wood tips in my opinion


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I've only used wood, so I'm a little one-sided in my thinking, but I haven't been really tempted to try nylon. I have various sticks in my collection with various shaped tips, though being all wood, they give different sound qualities. I have a pair of 7A Zildjians that have a round tip that sounds good for jazz, while I just tend to use the typical Vic Firth oval tip for rock.

Steven McTowelie

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i always loved nylon tips but because i got sick of having to constantly replace sticks that weren't that worn, but the tips just flew off on me. i used to play zildjian 2bs. nowadays i play vater 5a wood tips and they hold up great, but i've heard really great things about how long vater's nylon tips last. so the next time i go stock up on sticks i'm going to pick up some 5a or 5b nylon tip and check them out.


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Nylon is great if you don't want to get the best sound out of your drums or cymbals. Does nylon really last longer? When I used nylon, I remember the tips popping off way quicker than wood tips would wear down.



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I used to use Pro-mark 5B nylons and the tips always popped off but i switched to Vic Firth and i haven't had a problem with the tips since.