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I just joined this site so I dont have any recent pics of my set up but ill explain it.

8 piece Joey Jordison Signature drums from Pearl. (includes the custom 13" x 6.5" snare)
Dixon 13" piccolo snare custom made
Dixon Rack system (2 tiered)
Zildjian and Sabian cymbals include:
13 1/4" K custom hybrid hi hats
10" HHX splash
12" Z custom splash
16" AAXplosion crash
17" A custom thin crash
18" A custom thin crash
21 Z custom thrash ride
16" Zildjian oriental china trash
18" Zildjian oriental china trash
8" Zil-bel
10" Zil-bel
Tama first chair drum throne
5b custom Ahead drumsticks
Ahead drumming gloves
Hi hat stand and other boom stand arms are pearl or dixon.

Once I get a chance to take some pics, I will post them A.S.A.P

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