No Mapex Pedals


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I NEVER hear anything about Mapex pedals, I for one LOVE the way they feel, smooth, yet not too smooth that they feel like their gunna fall apart when you lift your foot, also nice and sturdy, i have the P550A and even though its one of the cheaper ones, if i ever have to buy a single pedal again, im gunna get that one, even if money was no option, im looking into getting a double bass.


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sounds cool, ive never tried any of their pedals except for the stock pedal on the m birch i think its a 550 series. ive heard the double pedals arent too good but id like to try one for myself, but guitar center dont carry um. :cry:


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I have bottom of the line one that came with a Voyager Jr. kit. While it's not great, power wise, I'm amazed that the cam is adjustable. That's got to be practically unheard of on a cheap pedal.


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ive a janus pro ergo D-pedal. yeah its grand been playing it for 4 odd years now and just gotten used to playin it. ive a pearl elim which is freakin air compared to the mapex but i still love them :D.


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Yah.. but if Mapex ever gets more popular (like they SHOULD!) the kicks will become popular probably. I do like Mapex's though, even though I've never played one. They make bigger sets, so that'd be cool. ^_^