Nigel Glockler


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We recently finished a tour supporting Masterplan and Saxon and just wanted to say that, first of all, Mike Terrana is a very cool drummer and a nice guy, but also that Nigel Glockler must be one of the most underrateed drummers in metal. Not only was he uber cool during Saxon's gigs but truly inspirational with his warm up rhythms that he plays with before soundcheck. If you've never listened to him play....then check him out. Same with Mike...what a showman!


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Saxon??!! Holy S***! I used to listen to them when I was in elementry school. (26+ years ago!) Ouch.! I didn't know that they were still playing but I will check them out. Peace on ya!


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Nigel is definetly one of the most underated drummers in metal !

Guys I don't know if your aware of this but check it out :

I was really surprised and saddened by the whole thing, not because Nigel happens to be a friend of mine but also because it was a completely senseless act on the part of Alexei Rodriguez who has been since sacked from 3 inches of blood who are a great band in my opinion.

This shit should have never happened (especially between drummers!)


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I don't know anything about any of these bands but I'm glad to hear that 3 inches of Blood stepped up and booted this guys sorry ass out of their band.