Newest setup.

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So i've decided to use my Mapex kit now. and play with it some. I really like the setup i got, i just need a few more little toys and ill be super happy. =]
heres a pic.

Drums: Mapex M Birch
22X18 Kick
10, 12 rack toms.
16" Floor tom.
14" matching snare.
14"x8" Vinnie paul signature snare.
Mapex 10x5.5 steel side snare.

Cymbals left to right.
16" wuhan china
19" paiste rude 3000 crash/ride
20" Zildjian Avedis ride.
18" sabian XS20 crash
10" Zildjian Avedis splash
6 or 8" (not sure) saluda V-bell.
17" saluda Mist X crash
16" zildjian Avedis crash
14" zildjian New Beats.

Pearl P120 double pedal (I think)
Mapex hi hat stand
Pearl and pulse snare stands.
Tama Roadpro booms (3)
Gibralter boom.
Pulse Boom
Dixon thrown.

LP aspire bongos.
LP Jam block
Pearl Cowbell.

Aquarian superkick II (I have it i just have to put it on)
Remo pinstripes.
remo coated ambassador on the 10" tom.

b b253

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thanks man, i got the crash/ride from a guy around here, he said he bought it in the 80's. was only 60 bucks i think. 50 or 60.


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diggin the bongos, you play them with sticks?

It's a pretty cool set, but wtf did you DO to your china? Do you play with sledgehammers?

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naa man i just hit it one day, and it cracked and i cant buy a new one yet and dont really use a china too much so i just keep it and use it whenever.