Newby Here!!! Need advice on cymbal quality and price.

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I am a new drummer and I am trying to build a good set on a budget. I purchased a Mapex vx fusion set and am trying to find a good ride to go with them. I have been looking on ebay at some paiste 2002 rides, some zildjian k rides and some sabians. The prices are all over the place and I don't know which is the better deals with the best quality. I am currently useing an 18" pearl ride that I plan to drill and rivet. the quality on this pearl ride is rather cheap so if I mess it up it won't cost me anything. However, I don't want to purchace a 22" ride of the same quality. I am planning to be the main drummer in our church come August, so that mean my set will go to the church. I would really like a nice ride to compliment my set. CAN ANYONE HELP???


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My first advice is that you not buy a cymbal off Ebay. It's important that you hear the cymbal first or you may end up with a dog.

Buying second hand cymbals is a good idea, but be careful to check the hole to make sure there are no minute cracks or that the hole is elongated. Also be sure to run a fingernail around the edge of the cymbal to see if there are other cracks there.

As for new cymbals that don't cost the earth, try companies such as Meinl and Wuhan. You can get a great cymbal cheaply from these manufacturers.


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I suggest a Sabian B8 20" Ride. I have one. BEAUTIFUL!!! $75~
Good buy. Good sound. Everything is good. ^_^