Newbie to the forum & diggin it.


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Well I am new to the forum, and thought I would say hello, and show you my kit, so I decided to take my drums outside for an official photoshoot, I made some adjustments on the kit, anyway I think they turned out very nice, hope you enjoy, here are the specs.

7pc Mapex Pro M(Transparent Cherry Lacquered Finish)
22x18 Virgin kick

1- Mapex Pro M(With Kit)5.5x14
1- Mapex Black Panther 6.5x13
1- Pearl Joey Jordison 6.5x13
1- Pearl Black Steel 3x13
1- Pacific SX 5.5"x13" 100% Maple

Zildjians & Wuhans.
1-14" New Beat Hats
1-8" A Custom Splash
1-10" A Custom Splash
1-12" Wuhan China
1-20" K Custom Ride
1-18" A Custom Medium Thin Crash
1-16" Wuhan S Series Medium thin crash
1-16" A Custom Projection Crash
2-18" Wuhan China's
1-8" Zildjian Bell
1-6" Zildjian Bell

DW Pacific Rack System
Pearl Eliminator Dbl Pedals
Vic Firth Danny Carey Signature Sticks

Evans G2 Clears(Toms)
Evans EMAD
Remo Controlled Sound on Snares






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orale. thats a mighty, mighty fine set. welcome!

lemme know your thoughts on that pearl snare. the picollo. i been looking for opinions on good picollos


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Thank you man. The piccolo snare drums is amazing to say the least, it has a broad tuning range, and is very sensitive, I love it, and it is built to last, very nice snare drum.


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That is one of the cleanest setups I've ever seen...very nice.

How do you like the hanging FTs? I just put legs on my 14" and 16" and can't believe how much more solid they are.


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Beautiful set man

I've been wanting to set up outside for so damn long now, but by the time I get home from school, take it all apart, haul it outside and set it all back up, I'd only have about an hour of daylight left, and I;d be screwed!