new snare


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hey, i just bought a new (used) snare. it's a gretsch 120th anniv. model, with permatone heads on it. i'm not a drum expert by any means, and i'm trying to tune this thing. when all is said and done, i still get this wicked metallic ring over the sound of the snare. am i tuning this wrong, or should i get some kind of muffling device? (when i toss a cork coaster on the batter, the ring goes away) any help??



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What is the snare made of? If it's made out of some kind of metal then obviously that's how it's supposed to sound like.
You will get rid of some ring when you muffle the drum a bit. sometimes taping a small piece of paper to the rim and putting it on the head will do the trick.


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I believe these drums use Jasper shells (Maple on the outside and inside with gumwood) that might be part of the ringing kind of sound. pure maple would give you that warmer crack.

a piece of moon gel or a studio ring will help you control the overtones.