new setup, not much new gear


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a couple weeks ago I decided to completely rethink my kit and set it up for the most versatility in my playing and to just make it comfortable for myself. I am still making slight adjustments but for now I really like what I have. a couple cymbals are slightly problematic currently but really, I love this setup.

yamaha birch custom absolute nouveau toms and bass, sea blue fade lacquer finish
8x10, 9x12, 14x14, 16x16, 18x22
6x14 spaun vented snare

16" saluda mist x thin dark crash (only new piece)
9" sabian radia cup chime
14" paiste 2002 sound edge hihats (soon to be replaced with saludas)
21" sabian hh raw bell dry ride (my baby)
18" paiste signature full crash (same deal as the hats)
14" sabian aaxplosion crash
9" istanbul agop splash stacked inside a 12" wuhan china
18" zildjian zbt china (need new china...badly)
18" sabian aaxplosion crash
10" sabian aax splash

tama roadpro stands....all of them
iron cobra pedals...all of them
roc-n-soc throne with a backrest

coated evans g2s over clear g1s
st dry over hazy 300
miscellaneous 5a sticks



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I love Cheese and drums":2dcao5cj said:
Why dont you trade in your ZBT china for a Saluda Voodoo china, plus anything else you dont want.
Was about to say. You should contact Jamie to sort out a deal on a Saluda china.


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thnaks for the comments guys. I do plan on going for a voodoo eventually but it's not at the top of my list. right now I'm looking at 4 new saludas...14" custom hats, 17" diamond thin dark crash, 12" voodoo traditional, and 18" voodoo traditional or m loco china with a euro bell if jamie will do it. however, after the hats I plan on getting a set of b.o.a's so the other cymbals will have to wait.


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how do you like the radia cup?
I like it much more than a zil bel but I don't have a lot of use for it. it is definitely a fun cymbal though, and it has a cool sound too.


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Hack_and_Slash":1y8uz0e0 said:
I'll get these drums one day. You're a lucky mofo! :D
I am incredibly lucky to have this setup, and everything on it. I know that I didn't pay anything near retail for everything I have but I love my set to death.

thanks for all the great comments.


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Hack_and_Slash":1zv5010y said:
How much did it cost? Was there something wrong with it?
on this kit sells for $3070, or did last time I checked. I found this particular set used on the floor of guitar center, stacked aside with a price tag of $1650. the only damage on these drums are a few hard to see scratches that are completely normal, and a couple small chips out of the bass drum hoops but nothing to worry about. plus, when I bought them I got a full set of new heads for nothing. I know that this set is at least a few years old but for I don't even care...they are amazing drums. I wasn't planning on buying a new set when I bought this one, I was just looking around at the time, but I happened to have the money and jumped on this deal. over all I totaled this set out to cost around $6500 new but I have been very lucky, have gotten a number of good deals, and have spent much less than that. I have worked hard for a lot of what I have and have paid for most of this setup out of my own pocket...keep in mind that I am only 18, have been playing for close to 5 years, and have gotten all this over the course of 4 years.