New ride cymbal


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OK, you might wanna try a store. :roll:

In all seriousness, I like several of the Zildjian rides, but it might help if you were more specific about what kind of sound you're looking for and what style(s) of music you play.

My favorite Zildjian Rides:
A Ping Ride - Very versatile. Just about always sounds "right."
20" K Ride - Good jazz ride, nice definition with just enough wash
K Custom Dry Ride - Great stick sound with very little wash
K Custom Dark Ride - Dark with a nice trashy wash
A Earth Ride - Unique sound, very dry


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i think mf has almost all the zildjian rides made ones, expensive ones, you just have to pick one and buy it.

imo, sabian has better rides. zildjian, however, cant make a bad set of hihats.