New Pedal Which Cam?


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I just got the Pearl Illim's and im wondering which color cam i should go with? I know it depends on your own personal preference and feel but im curioius to know which one everyone prefers


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personally, i use the red cam which is the most ofset. i like the sensitivity and the quikness. but thats just me.


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i use the blue cam. it gives you a lighter feel at the beginning with a really good impact. the white cam was too slow for my style and the red cam just felt too weird.


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I think it depends on you really. try different cams and see which one your most comfortable. Everyone is defferent :)

Raze Drummer

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Personally I use the red cams, but thats because the music i play requires me to use them, they are very sensitive and respond to the lightest touch, but unless you have good control with your feet i recommend not to use the red ones. Go with the blue cams, they give you a good controllable feel and they are still responsive, but not too responsive. Maybe switch to the reds after a month or so.


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I'd say try them all and pick the one that suits you best. Remeber there are 2 more cams, yellow and purple, that you can buy separately.