New Member Vintage 1983 Pearl 13 pc. Kit

Idle Hands

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Hi I'm new to the fourm. My name is Paul, i'm 45 yo and have been playing off and on since I was old enough to beat on a coffee can with a couple of spoons. I blew my knee out 3 years ago and my kit has been sitting in thier cases ever since. I had a tryout for a band so I snapped a couple of pics.

6 x 5 1/2
6 x 8
8 x 8
10 x 8
12 x 10
13 x 11
14 x 12
15 x 14
16 x 16
18 x 18
14 x 8
Bass Drums;
22" x 16"

All cymbols are all Zildgians A Customs
22" China
21" Rock Ride
18" Rock Crash
16" Rock Crash
16" Med. Thin Crash
15" Paper Thin Crash
18" Pang
20" Pang
7" Splash
14" Hats
Kit has 900 Series Hardware and Tama Pedals



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Wow, she's a monster! I like it, just need some new heads which is the problem with monsters, it's so friggin' expensive to buy all new heads.


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only one thing to say about your kit... and everyone has said it before me... its time man.. its about time so you can get the real sound out of it... go for it man.. buy em!


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nice set but the duct tape that was all over the heads of the drums make it look reaslly beat up, i like the symbols and the bass drums, whats up with the duct tape??