new medicine man snare pics

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posted this over at UGW, thought you guys would like them as well :D :D

alright, got ahold of a USB chord finally so PICTURES!!

here you go guys,



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Wow! Those wood hoops are freakin massive lol love the wood/antique like theme for it also. Verrrry nice. PJ rocks :mrgreen:

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thanks dude, they're not really that big really.
and little bit higher then regular hoops
takes a little getting used too but it's worth it..
surprisingly light too


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niiiiiice looking snare. I think the hoops look bigger because the diameter (appears to be) smaller.

What size is it? You might've mentioned in another post, but I'm not stalking you... :)

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haha it's all good dude

45 inner edge 35 outer edge
10ply maple
dark walnut stain
slightly rounded wood hoops with a clear coat
evans HD dry batter, hazy 300 reso
puresound wires


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It's probably just from the pictures that they look big. I'm used to the small diecast hoops, but love me some wood hoops. I know I'd destroy them with my playing though lol