New Master's


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I dont know about you, but I am going to order them A.S.A.P. I just got the word from my drum shop that we can start ordering the "07" master's. And did you know that the "07" masters are offering 4 ply birch shells now, I bet those are killer, anyways what do you guys think of the new master's. The only real defence is now there is a 4 ply birch, new bages, no more satin hardware ( it only comes on masterworks now ) and no more mahogany. by the way, the catalog say the hardware comes in black crome, is that deffent from the black hardware on the older master kits because I thought that the old black hardware was powder coated?


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as I'm not really interested in birch I would have to say that the only thing that has changed from my point of view is that the badges are ugly (they look like taken of a toy) and the MHX series is no more...