new Mandala USB pad


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I've been curious about the Mandala pads used by Danny Carey and Pat Mastelotto; they went for about a grand each and used a proprietary module/brain~ I've put off purchasing one.

Read on another forum this morning that they've built a new version with a software sampler/virtual module that connects to a PC/Mac via USB.
I've just ordered a Macbook a few days ago, and I'm really interested in checking out the new Mandala pad and software. I'd been planning to integrate a Roland SPD-s pad for sampling/triggering, but apparently you can configure the Mandala for up to 7 zones and use your own samples through the software. Sounds like it's WAY more sensitive and flexible than the Roland pad, though it would have 2 fewer 'zones.'
And now the new pad is down to about $350.

Anyone have any experience at all with the Mandala pads yet? I don't think the new USB controllers are even available yet, but the old version's been out for quite a while.

If you haven't seen their videos yet, they can do some pretty cool things with them: