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Hey guys,

It's come to that point in my life where I finally want a new kit, one that should last me for a VERY long time.

Heres the kits im thinking of...

Pearl Reference
Pearl MMX (Whats the difference between this and the new Masters Premium kits??)
DDrum Dios Series
DDrum Dominion Series
Mapex Saturn Pro

(Basic Sizes 8x10, 8x12, 14x16, 22x18 just to get it started then I will upgrade to more drums later)

If it helps the price range would roughly be $3000-$4500 AU

By all means recommened drum kits, and perhaps famous drummers that have used them (so I can hear them live or in recording)



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Ludwig's. Very versitile and cheaper. Nice kits. take a gander at the "Black Magic snare.


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I play yamaha birch custom absolute nouveaus and love them....check out shannon larkin's sound on the godsmack self titled album...pure gold. I also like the reference sets, and never forget to check out tama's top of the line sets (starclassic maple, bubinga, performer b/b) or trick, and there's always the option to go custom.


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i did play on a absolute nouveaus for my first recording (yeah expensive place)

i would go custom but im not huge on such a full on unique sound(not yet).

I currently have a Pearl Export which i have had since i was 13, i am now 18.


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Tama Starclassic. You really can't go wrong with these. They're beautiful drums. Even though I know drums are all about opinion, if anyone ever tells you Starclassics suck, they're seriously full of it

Taylor Hawking of the Foo Fighters commonly uses a Starclassic. I also believe that the drummer from System of a Down used this Tama on the recording of hypnotise and mesmorize and probably previous to that.

remember tho...the drums on records are heavily engineered. the sound you hear is a bit embelished. Nothing beats actually trying them at a shop. see if you cant find a shop to try sets at before you commit and buy


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from that list you just gave, i would say pearl reference all the way. Def the most expensive there, but its the most expensive for a reason.


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if its brand new it wont be a saturn pro as they dont make that series anymore. but im sure you can still pick it up 2nd hand.


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Thanks to everyone for responding.

Ill be going with the Pearl Reference, ill be sure to post pic's when i get it.