New Kit- so many choices


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Come June i'll be buying a new kit.
I've got a budget of £1500, not sure how much that is in $ but there you go.
I play rock and classic rock(Motley Crue, Queen, ACDC etc), and heavy metal(Judas Priest, Lamb of god, Tool). I also play jazz and swing, but ive got a nice compact kit for that already.
1500. I dont need hardware, pedals or cymbals, i'm alright.
im thinking either two or three rack toms, 10" 12" and 13" with 14" and 16" floor toms, and either one 24" bass drum, or two 22" bass drums. I was toying with the idea of gettin and 26" bassdrum but i think that would fuck about with my double kick, as there wouldnt be much definition between fast double kick strokes, unless i trriggered it which would defeat the purpose of a big bass drum.

Which drums though? theres so much choice out there.
I'll give you guys a kind of guide, a pearl export isnt quite te standard im wanting, but im not sure if my budget would stretch to something like a masters (well not in those sizes anyway) (not that i'm necessarily wanting a pearl kit, thats just an example)

Any Ideas?


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that's almost exactly the same specs I'm considering for a new kit.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with a smaller custom/handbuilt brand though. Are there any of those in your price range in your part of the world?

That way you could put together your own recipe for woods, finish, etc. I'm not sure what's available to you over there though, and it would most likely exceed that budget, I suppose.


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erm... theres a brand called peace, who'se top line the paragon range are really reasonable. i could build an 8 piece with that and still have 200 quid left over.
problem is that i've never actually heard one played. sounds ridiculous but theres none that ive ever seen on display in a shop in the uk.:S
whereabouts do you live?


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I'm in the Southern US, and strangely enough, I've played some Peace kits and have 2 Peace Octobans.

Quality seems fine to me, and I'm pretty sure the sets I've played weren't the highest/flagship models of their line. I bet their primo gear is very nice. I like my Octos just fine.


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well... i had around 1000 dlls and customized my set by buying different brands to fit what i truly wanted and the specs I needed, for instance i have pearl and tama toms with a dw floor tom. Same thing goes for cymbals..I LOVE my set... in any case...if u cant find a brand of ur choice around your house, you can always order online and get it mailed.
I like my tama toms. and my pearls are awesome too... but buy whatever toms you like best


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i have a peace paragon maple kit and i am very happy with it, the build quality and sound of the kit is awsome for the price compared to simaler maple shelled kits. check out myspace for photos etc and i will be happy to answer ant questions!!!


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I bought the pearl traveler for ease of setup and portability
It fits in the backseat of a compact car.
AND it sounds pretty good I must say and pretty loud with Evans EC2 heads.
The original pearl heads - 2 ply oil filled sound good too.
I also liked the mesh silent heads that can with the kit - I can practice on my own kit virtually silently and still have the feel of a real batter head

Pearl Rythym Traveler kit
Pearl 5x13 mahogany snare, black finish,
Pinstripe head tuned kinda LOW.
Ludwig 5x14 Supra Phonic Black Sparkle Metal Snare (SOB is LOUD)
Heavy Rocker head on Ludwig snare, tuned TIGHT.
Ziljian, Paiste, and Sabians
Evans EC2 heads on toms and Bass
Vic Firth SD-1 sticks


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It really all depends what you are going to use it for... Live, Maple is great but if you going to be in the studio with it Birch would be better.
I'm a Sonor Nut... I have a sonot Force 3005 (Maple) Standard configuration that I use on live shows and a Force 2005 (Birch) standard, again that I use in the studio. They may be "cheaper" sets but they're just as good as the high priced ones out there today. I would try to stay away from the smaller drum sizes if your playing rock, they really don't carry and they don't have that "umph"... The choice is really yours..


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Buy a Conaway, my mate has one and it was rediculously cheap considering its an all maple, professional standard, kit.


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Will":10ijb22n said:
Buy a Conaway, my mate has one and it was rediculously cheap considering its an all maple, professional standard, kit.
Last I talked to them, he wasn't building anymore- and I see their website is gone now. I'm not so sure they're still in business


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how about pearl session drums? i think you might end up paying a bit more than £1500 for all the drums you want, but only by a couple of hundred. for your style of music, go with the 2 22'' bass drums & definitely the 14'' & 16'' floor toms. id say 3 rack toms - 10'', 11'' & 12'' maybe??

OR a single bass drum with 10'' & 12'' toms 'above' the snare (not directly above the bass drum) & the 2 floor toms. like bob bryar uses on the vid for 'black parade' (my chemical romance) cos that setup is lush!! :D


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Buying a new kit eh?

Ah the most enjoyable headache I've ever had.....

I spent 1500 on my Mapex kit....
Got 8(Free), 10, 12, 14, 16 toms 18x22 bass and a 5x14 matching snare
I also got a VERY cool 7x13 cherrywood snare FREE
I know the sizes are different from your configuration but Mapex is giving away some really cool stuff with a purchase of their kits...

And who doesnt like free stuff?????
If you are not using mics on your set your should consider a Birch wood kit.


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m":zf1juebz said:
Last I talked to them, he wasn't building anymore- and I see their website is gone now. I'm not so sure they're still in business
Yeh I noticed the website gone after I posted that, thats a shame if they're not building anymore