New Hi-Hats


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I'm thinking about investing in some new hi-hats after having my previous ones for a good few years. they've taken a pretty good beating. I was thinking about possibly getting some 14" dark K Customs or Z custom 14" Dynobeats. Any suggestions will be gladly taken on board.


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I'm a big fan of my Istanbul Alchemy 14". All other hihats I checked out lately lack that crisp sound I like so much. Ok no Ks or Zs where under them.

Arteries Explode

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Quick-Beats 'till death!
Sure, Paiste's Sound Edge is a better method of preventing airlock, but I just love the sound of Quick-Beats.

Airborne Ranger

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There is a HUGE difference between the K Customs and the Z Dynobeats. To me, the Dynobeats are great at one thing only, loud, brash playing. They aren't nearly versatile enough for general playing. I've always liked the Zildjian 14" New Beats, they work for just about everything. I need hats that cover a wide range from jazz and show work to loud rock and the New Beats always work well. The Quick Beats are great too, they have a little more high end than the New Beats. The Paiste 2002 14" Medium hats are nice too. The house set for a play I'm playing for now has a set of 2002 Medium hats and they work well.