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Hi all... came across this site via MySpace... thought I'd start with my kit!

These are taken in our rehearsal space, so obviously not in the best light... still, covers all the bases. :)


Tama Starclassic Maple (Gold Sunburst, Brushed Nickel Hardware)
- 18x22 Bass Drum
- 14x16 Floor Tom
- 9x12 Rack Tom
- 8x10 Rack Tom
w/ Evans EC2 Heads

Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare
- 5x14
w/ Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Head

Sabian Paragon Cymbals
- 18" Crash
- 20" Crash
- 20" China
- 14" Hi-Hats

Zildjian Cymbals
- 20" Ping Ride (~late 70's/early 80's)

DW Hardware
- DW5000 Hi-Hat
- DW5002 Double Bass Pedal

Gibraltar Hardware
- Straight Pipe Basic Rack
- Cymbal Boom Stand

- Ahead PC3
- Pro-Mark 747 Oak (Neal Peart)
- Zildjian Mike Mangini (not shown)

- Pearl Snare Stand
- Slingerland Boom Stand (~late 70's)
- Hearos Ear Plugs :)


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Drumosaurus":3g7vc137 said:
love the red 5000's. I like how your toms are setup.
Thanks! I've had that rack bar for... well, longer than I've had the Tamas! When I ordered the shell kit, I specifically didn't want the tom mount on the kick, knowing I'd be using the rack. It's fun setting up for gigs too: I sing some, so I like to face the audience - which puts the kick angled off to the right! :lol: Sound guys I've haven't played with before always look at the set up a loooong time before putting mics on... :p

seandude":3g7vc137 said:
nice man how long u been playn?
Ummm... do I really want to do math with numbers that big... gah, 23 years? Played other instruments before that, too.

Bong":3g7vc137 said:
What do you play, I see you have your cymbals up kinda high, is that comfortable? Good looking kit.
Thanks! You can check out my band at Kavish on MySpace; I'm 6'4", so they're not really that high up for me! :lol: Any lower and I tend to hit the undersides when I play the toms. :shock: They're about shoulder to head height on me (the crashes anyway) which feels right to lay in to... the ride and hats are about tom height, just a little lower, and the china is just over the ride. I spent a lot of time figuring out where everything should go, ergonomically... obsess much? :roll:


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Hey I have to buy new heads soon, and I see you are using those Evans EC2? I dont remember the exact name, but how do they sound?