new hats


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im lookin for some new hats to replace my pst 5's. i want some tht are crisp with a nice chick and will cut thru well. i play mostly rock stuff like from green day to metallica. thanks alot guys.

ps-preferably sabian but others are cool.


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I play the Zildjain Z-custom 15' mastersound hi-hat and its the best i have ever played on check it out some time


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i have 14" paiste 2002 soundedge hats. i love mine, they destroy my old zbts. they took some getting used to because theyre lighter but the waved bottom hat allows a crisper sound when closed tight and the sound is crisp and clean when open too. id like to find a 14" 2002 heavy top hat because i used to play my zbts inverted (due to a cracked top hat) and i thought it sounded good.

z customs are ok for heavy stuff but they have no dynamics and i havent played any ive liked (except k/z hats). look at a custom or avedis mastersounds for good all around zildjian hats...a lot of people also like the new beats but i think theyre very dull cymbals and i dont enjoy playing them. sabian aa heavy hats are also a rock music favorite, and aax stage hats sound great too, as well as anything in the hh line (but those come at a price). of course, anything paiste signature or 2002 will also satisfy.

you have to play around and find what you like.