New Hats!?! (Sabian)


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Wow, hey guys

I got new hats today, I'm so happy.
I know this thread is pointless without pics but my camera
is being a total *** to me :S
Anyway, I bought them second hand they are as follow:

14" Sabian HandHammered Regular Hats.

They are the BEST sounding hats I have heard and I got a
great deal on them. I am so Ecstatic. I got them for $160.00, the
list price for them on a couple sites are:
$634.00, $654.00
160 x 4 = 640, so yeah :p
So, I think I got a good deal!?!
And, they are in almost perfect conditiong, just a little bit
of the logo is coming off.
They are signed by the cymbal smith/hammerer.

Here are some pics that I found on the web.

I'll have my own pics up soon hopefully.




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where in ontario are ya?

I used to have sabian AAX fusion hats but for my band's style of music zildjian K's just sit better. I miss those AAX hats though!