new floor tom head.


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need one......completely fed up with my floor tom. its the last head on my set that still has a stock head on it and i havent had the money until now to get a new one. Its a 16inch ludwig accent custom floor tom. I like a deeper sounding sound on my floor tom and id want the head to be relativley tough cause i dont change heads often at all. any suggestions?


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those stock heads are pretty thin heads. for more low end with less ring you'll want a 2-ply or maybe even 2-ply coated head.


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Attack, Evans, and Remo all make a fine 2-ply head. Compare features and see which one you think would be best for you! Good luck!


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MasterShake89":rwz2kf2u said:
are remo coted pinstripe heads 2ply?
yeh i believe all the pinstripe models are 2 ply....keep in mind that the coating wears off pretty quick on remos coated stuff..check out evans coated .. the heads are white with the coating on top so you never know the difference