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im going to get a new kit soon and id like some reccomendations on what sounds good. im into metal and hard rock. and i want a deep sound from the drums. thanks, tj

and i have about a 2500 - 3000 limit on the spending for the drums im not sure it might be a little less. but id like a deep dound from the toms, a nice popy sound from the snare and a deep punchy sound from the bass. thanks


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This is hard to answer. It depends on how much you can spend and the sound you want. All I'll say is the best kits I've heard lately are the Sonor Delites. Incredibly powerfull and rich sounding drums. I've tested them besides all the major brands and nothing has come close.



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You might want some Tama Starclassics. Tama is a good rock brand, most of there stuff is deep. Look for maple shells for a deep, fat sound. Pearl Masters MMX are great, but are pricey. Check those out.

I saw this thread today and had to respond, i dont know when your getting your drums, but the sound you may be looking for is the luldwig, if you want crisp deep sound, snares pretty much sound alike if you tune them how you want the sound, now they do sound different if they are wider, thiner, ect.

You may want to try for the monies, a ludwig cs custom, only set you can buy in a major brand for the money and get a all birch set.
and i think you willl be very happy with that, The type of music you want to play, you need a power set, i would recomend a power fusoin, which is adding a extra tom.

Hope you make the right choice and are not upset you bought the wrong set. Go to a drum shop and try em all out. Make sure you try every brand out there if you can.




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I'd say go custom then you get exactly what u want from the company built specifically for you and pretty much all custom drum companys gets their shells from keller so they all sound about the same but theyre goood either maple or birch shells and you'd most likely want a maple set for deep sound vvhere go to

their very inexpensive and you can always get what u want im sure to order some in the near future