New Drum set (


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Ok so heres the deal
i have an pearl forum ive been playing with
pinstripe heads, but it tunes horrible
i need to have the bearing redone
ive been playing it for about 2 years and im way too go for it now
but i want a 20x20 bass, 12x8 tom, 14x12 floor
i figured id buy keller shells online cheap
and then buy hardwear and heads and save alot of money
but would i get any better quality than my pearl forum?


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look for a small custom company, pick a finish that is fairly basic, and work with them. in the end youll have your own set made to your specs and you wont kill your wallet trying to do it. ive looked into making my own set and for me going with a small custom company would cost me a lot less then if i were to attempt it myself. also, youll probably screw up everything the first time and that amounts to a lot of money on raw shells that you dont necessarily need to spend right now. unless you can cut your own snare beds and edges and drill for all your own hardware perfectly the first time, leave the building to the builders until you do a project that isnt something youre expecting to come out perfectly.

thats my opinion. there are companies that will get you a keller shell set in the dimensions you want for around a grand, more if you go for a lot of "custom" options. if you keep it basic you could get a lot of kit for your money.


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oh yeah i was gonna send to to sjc for the hole drillings
a $1 a hole, that i couldnt pass up
id just have to assemble it and i can do that
and i was just going to stain it
i was just wondering since its standard keller shells
with the exception of the iso mount id have on it
would i get a better quality sound out of it?


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Keller shells would be a huge step up from Pearl Forum series. Just make sure that your bearing edges are sound, that the snare bed is cut correctly, and your hardware has no rattles, and you'll be fine with your custom-made drums. Remember to take your time and do it right.