new cymbals?


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im thinking of buying a new cymbal. im a jazz, alternative art rock drummer. i have to make the decition between the zildjian K custom 15" dark crash or the K custom 15" fast crash. im in love with both these cymbals. any comments on these cymbals would be very much appreciated


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i say go with the fast crash.

just to help you along. i havent played either of these cymbals. but good luck and have fun.


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If you love both, think about what crash you need. Then choose witchever would be more useful :)

The Heel

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I can only speak on the Dark K crashes, as I have a few of them.

I simply love the cymbals. I would recomend them to anyone.

In my everyday set up I use a Custom Dark K 18" crash and a set of Custom Dark K 14" hats. I do own a 17" Dark K Custom crash that rarely sees action... but its only because I prefer the 18's tonalities for the situation I'm currently playing in.

Either way you go will be an excellent choice.