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Should I buy Paise RUDE Cymbals?

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Now, I have a Planet Z kit of cymbals and a ZBT splash and China. I was wanting one more crash and maybe even upgrade alot of my other cymbals.. getting new hats and a china. ride all that. Anyway, I wanted to know if Paiste Rude cymbals would be a good idea...

14" RUDE Sound Edge Hi-Hats
16" RUDE Thin Crash
17" RUDE Thin Crash
18" RUDE China
20" RUDE Power Ride

what do you think? Cheers.

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they are really good cymbals if u are playing louder, harder music like metal. If ur a jazz or pop drummer then I don't suggest them. If all you are currently doing is practicing in ur house and not in a band, they might be a little on the loud as crap side.


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I'm a Metal drummer. I love playing loud and fast. And, I do have my kit inside where I practise but I don't really use it when other people are here. And yeah, I'm looking for a band.
If the normal cymbals are loud... I can't wait to hear the China... :p


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heres what I suggest

- 14" RUDE Hats (not sound edge)
- 10" RUDE Splash (sounds amazing)
- 17" RUDE Thin Crash
- 19" RUDE Thin Crash
- 24" RUDE "ECLIPSE" Mega Power Ride (beastly)
- 20" 2002 Novo China (Novo's are absolutley frickin' sweet)

heres a link to the 24" Eclipse Ride ... otohosting

oh and by the way..the folks at will be more than happy to give you ample advice on your Paiste Purchase :wink: 8)


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Thanks man, I don;t have the money for them right away but I plan on upgrading completely by the end of year. I wanna get a 17" Thin Crash first.


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I dont like RUDED's at all. They dont sound musical too my ears. They're too loud for my taste.


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i don't like them. a drummer in a band we toured with played all rudes and i didn't like the sound of them. the china especially, it didn't sound good to me at all.


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if you're looking for cutting cymbals that still sound musical and won't kill those who surround you, you might want to look into Ufip Tigers. I know overhere they are pretty hard to find, but they are very nice and sweet cymbals, yet they will cut through every kind of music, I've heard they are very efficient in metal too.

I talked to a guy who played in the toy dolls for 2 years, and he used strictly tigers back then. He told me how he brought Rudes to a rehearsal once, cause his Tigers were stolen, and the entire band looked over and said "dude, those cymbals suck compared to your normal ones". True story!


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I think Rudes are definitely worth considering, but are pies you should hear in person before buying them. As others have said, they are quite loud, and not a good fit for some styles of music. I have the 18" china, and a 24" Rude ride I bought years ago. I love them both. I also have a 17" crash that I rarely use, as it 's not very musical and never appealed to my ears.

That being said, I have played on the new rude thin crashes and I think they sound great, and I still want some Rude hi-hats. And ofcourse, Paiste has several other lines you should check out. I have a mix of 2002, Rude, Dimensions and Signature's, and out of approximately 17 cymbals, there is only 1 (the 17" Rude crash) that I'm not crazy about.


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I like the rude china and thin crashes.
Just to throw it out there, try some of their new ALPHA stuff. Versatile, durable, good pricing, and a wide range of stuff.

Other than that I would say some of the heavier 2002 series. Depends on what sticks you're using really.


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I love RUDEs for the style of music i play which is mainly metal, although when i go into one of my 'muck around and vary the genres' practise sessions where i play away from the whole metal thing and well go into other genres then yea other cymbals are defo needed, but i gig with metal so RUDEs are for me.

Personally i stick with what the website i got mine from said about the RUDEs.

Yes this is copy and pasted and its not mine so any of the legal stuff, i admit someone else wrote it and all that, just covering my ass.

"If you like cymbals that sound nice please don't listen to Rudes.
This cymbal line is the school bully but unlike other school bullies this guys also in the top set, he's loud arrogant but when he mixes with other Metal and Punk musicians it all makes perfect sense.
If you want to hear the full potential of Rudes please don't forget to bring you guitarist with you especially if he's the type of guy who likes to turn up to 11.
We'll gladly help your guitarist load his 4x12 Cab and Guitar into the ecymbals showroom and then you can hear if the Rudes can really cut it! .....................Come on guitarists why not accept the Rude Challenge?" thats from, damn good site to buy Paiste stuff actually