New Cymbals, New Set up


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Just picked up some new cymbals from the drum shop and they are just wounderfull to my ears. Im really falling in love with this new ride. Tightend up my set up a little and took new pics, my bacement is kinda dark but the pics came out ok. ill try to post some brighter pics in a few days.

so i added 4 new cymbals

Zildijian A Custom Medium Ride 20'
A Custom Hihats 14'
A Custom Crash 16'
A Custom Fast Crash 18'

and im still useing my

Zildjian A Custom Ride 20'
A Custom China 18'
A Custom Projection Crash 18'
A Custom Medium Crash 17'
No Name China 20' (looks and sounds like a Wuhan)
Sabian Pro8B Splash 10'

Rock on! Peace.


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<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

i love the set, but how do you hit that?


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Maynardjames":neptr4is said:
The cymbal your seeing is an old one sitting on the couch :) but thank you
ohhh HAHAHA thats funny
well since its just sitting there on the couch ill be glad to give it a proper clampy home