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i want to get a china and i dont wanna spend too much money...less than $100 any suggestions on a good china for that price would be cool


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try the Zildjian ZBT 18" china, you can pick one up over here for about 60 pound which is like $100.

or if you wanna go a little cheaper, go for Wuhan, they make excellent China cymbals for cheap prices


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dont get the zbt china, get a couple wuhans instead. i have the zbt and im about ready to get rid of it becuase it has a weird sound to it, not that fast, trashy china sound that everyone is looking for but a long, gongy, bright sound.


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For $100 or so I'd recommend Saluda over Wuhan any day. Wuhans are nice, but in the end, they're very disposable because they crack easily. I don't think they're the most musical cymbals either. Jamie @ Saluda will make you a completely custom china, for around that amount of money depending on the size. I think a 17" would be about $100 depending on the series. I have a Blackened Mist-X Crash (17") that is great. Not quite what I'm looking for, so I decided not to pursue any others, and it's currently for sale, but I still have nothing but respect for him and the cymbals. I'll always recommend them.
about a month ago i purchased the Sabian XS20 china for 80 bucks. the original price was 110 bucks but i got a good deal on it. this china has great attack with a dirty raw sound.

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go into a shop and find a few chinas you like, then see out of your selecton if you can afford them , thats what i would do