New Breed?


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Has anyone worked on the Gary Chester book "the new breed". I have a few questions about some of the examples and the way the book works.
How should I start? What is the first thing to do after reading the introduction?

Thanks for your help guys


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Just do what it says.

The section entitled "39 Systems" on page 8 explains it pretty well. Also read the "Practice Tips for Systems" section for additional information.

Anything else?


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You should look for a teacher that has studied New Breed extensively.

My own teacher, Joey Commisso, personally studied with the author of "New Breed" for a long time and he and another of Gary Chester's students teach it.

It's somewhat difficult to understand when you first start but you'll get the hang of it. It's possible to do it on your own but not recommended.

Good luck!


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I'm currently trying to work with New Breed and I find it extremaly challenging. I don't have a teacher at all so I have to work out everything myself. Basically, I just follow what the book says - first I play the system for as long as it takes to memorize it, than I go to the melody page and try to sing it, after singing it I play it with the required limb and finally while playing the system and melody I sing the quaternotes - I've found this to be the most challenging thing for me :). By the way I think that it is good to master each bar of the melody individually and than gradually connected them into segments before playing the whole thing.
Hope this helps.


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thanks for all your help i am probably going to start to work through it with a teacher and spend as much time as i can perfecting the systems myself i think it is just getting started correctly that matters then it is just footwork.