New Albums coming out


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just thought I say that Rush's new album comes out may first and Dream theater and Planet X have new albums coming out a month or two after as well I believe.


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" has confirmed that the album will indeed be titled Snakes & Arrows and be released on May 1st! Better yet they have a very short but sweet (15 seconds or so, no vocals) sample of the single Far Cry. Just go to to check out the clip. Judging by the clip, the new album is indeed heavier and more powerful - very Hemispherical. :)"



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the single is on the website now, its a really interesting mix, I can hear bits of every decade in it.

and the new Planet X album comes out May 22nd.


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Neurosis is about to release their new stuff on early May too :D I CAN'T WAIT!!!

"news from HQ

the new album is DONE. the title is Given To The Rising and it will be released in early May on Neurot Recordings on CD/DLP. Prepare yourselves for 71+ minutes of brutality and heaviness combined with all the interior space and wind-swept isolation of the more recent albums.

Neurosis will appear on April 21, headlining the Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Holland, by special invitation. Also scheduled is a headlining appearance at Hovefestival in Norway on June 28. More tba.

Neurot Recordings"


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Kris Marrizon":1lcre5nj said:
I hear the Wildhearts have a new album on its way. I can't wait!
I saw Ginger in my hometown the other week, I was surprised, I'm from nowheresville (Tamworth, England), and he was checking out the posters outside one of the main venues.


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Metallica has their new one coming soon. They took a break from the studio to do a short tour! Peace.


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new ion dissonance just came out and i hear the new JFAC is extremely old school death metal. im interested to hear that band without any crickets haha.

Im extremely excited about the new Through the Eyes of the Dead as well. The song they released from it is amazing!


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Throwdown is coming out with a new album, and from the looks of the single Holy Roller, they are taking a step in the right direction.

Ill Nino has a new single on their Myspace, but hasn't released it yet, I think a new album is supposed to follow.