Needs to be sticky- The Secret


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if your easily offended by this dont watch but i find it funny.
personally all this stuff seems half way between Scientology and obsession. all about how you've been lied to for your entire life and this is the truth behind everything, etc. And isnt this whole thing very relative to luck, following after your personal ambitions and odds? and this is just seeking to make reason for it. Maybe thats just my synicle view thats been brainwashed into me. and my friend who believes this seems to have the worst luck of anyone i've ever known. oh well, my 2 cents...


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Its the exact same principle as praying, except instead of a "God" giving you what you need, "The Universe" is giving you what you need. Its applying metaphysics to the basic concept that those who work the hardest, stay positive, and dont give up are the ones who will always succeed.

Does positive thinking help you receive what you desire? Of course!
Does positive thinking help you stay on task and get through difficult times? Definitely!
Does the ability to let go of tension, worry, and control help in drumming and in life? Absolutely!

Is the energy of "The Universe" reading your mind and altering reality to meet your demands? Definitely not.


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Bill Ray I agree, remeber we were talking about this you were gonna send me the video right? well hey.. I'm in the ocean side area as of latelyyou should hit me up and let me know where you might be playing, i'd love to catch a gig.



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Timekeep69":25soxzzy said:
Hiya Fiesty! Long time

i know! i fell off the face of the earth me thinks. I'm alive and well. Things are going okay. I took a break from school as of late, and am just drumming in my spare time of when the feeling strikes. Guess i was driving myself too hard. But i'm doing alright. Health is getting much better sill in a battle over cancer but i'm feeling much better.

How has everyone been?


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yes cancer. i'm fine though. Its under control...Well as "under control" as cancer can be lol
But things are going well for me I'm actually surprised to see that you Bill Ray, have posted something about the Secret. I have been studying it I have the book and as of lately I'm actually following along with what it says instead of being the stubbron "i'll do it myself" kinda girl i have always been. I have taken time out of school and really haven't been drumming as much. I'm just taking it easy and buliding strong healthy relationships with those close to me? haha but really. I'm just taking it easy.
Everyone needs to go buy the secret. really do it. Dooo Ettt. You'll thank me for it.


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The secret is a good start...but even further to open up some real manifestation? Laws of Attraction, the Teachings of Abraham! Anything with Jerry and Esther Hicks! Good stuff. They helped put the secret together!

Sorry I have not been around in a long while! Hope everyone is doing smashing!