Need some replies fast!


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I know this is in the wrong section, and this will probably get moved but i need some help fast!

Im looking at a few ebay auctions for some Mixers and i need to know the difference in a "powered" mixer such as a
BEHRINGER XENYX 1202 FX ... 286.c0.m14

And im not really sure what an unpowered mixer is, i think this is one
Mackie Designs CR-1604 Mixer Board ... 286.c0.m14

So if i get the powered one, all i would need is 2 pa speakers?
And i were to get the unpowered, i would need an amp to power the speakers?


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Your assumptions are correct, as long as you're talking about PA speakers without a built in amplifier.

Unpowered mixers are those without an internal power amplifier, so you would need a power amplifier or PA speakers with a amplifier built into them. Powered mixers have an internal power amp built in, so a pair of "passive" PA speakers would work off this mixer.