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hey guys..well im wondering how i can improve my single bass drum triplets such as..double kick on bass drum then the double hit on toms or snare...i have always done triplets wit my double bass effortlessly, but i have been hearing the double kick fill or w/e and i cant seem to get my right foot to do a double kick that fast..idk if its my pedal because it has bad response but my right foot cant keep up wit my hands..any advice???

break the prism

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try practicing single and double paradiddles with either just your feet or your right foot and left hand or right hand, and so on.
start out slow and then build up speed.


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i play heel toe with my right foot for doubles and kinda of a "heel toe heel" for triplets. but im not as tight with that. but i think paradiddles and slow speed will do it. and try just playin this

x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - = quarter note stokes on the hats.
o oo o oo o oo o o o = kick strokes.
O O = snare strokes

This is what i do for triplets. use a metronome, and start slow.