Need some advice!


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hey guys, for my 1 big gift for Christmas i was thinking about replacing my zxt crash wit an avedis...or my hi hats..or my pacific double bass pedal..but i dont kno wat to do...ill be working alot during the summer so i will replace some stuff then but idk whether its better to start at the essentials like the double dad claims i have enough cymbals ha.. i dont think he understands i just need to upgrade.

Rob Crisp

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When it comes to upgrading think about things that make sounds first. If you can cope with the pedal, do so!

When you hit a cheap cymbal, you can hear it's cheap. If you're playing with an older pedal, fair enough it won't feel as nice as an set of Iron Cobras or whatever, but it'll still sound like a bass drum.

I'd say upgrade cymbals, strating with ride, hats then crashes.

But that's just me personally and of course I don't know how good the cymbals you have sound. Maybe the ride sounds reasonable, so go for hats first.

Also when it comes to cymbals, I always think it's best to actually try playing them first in a shop, so you can get an idea of their sound.

Have fun and take your time!