Need some advice on choosing a drum rack


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Either the ICON or the DR-80 would be awesome.

They both have square tubing so no slipping.

The ICON would probably suit your setup more with the curved shape, which will make your tom rolls flow easier.
However, the DR-80 is cheaper.

Overall the ICON gets my vote


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When properly set up you will see your drums better behind that rack than 6-10 stands. Make sure you set the cross bars as low as possible to show those drums. I have an Icon and the crossbar in the middle almost touches my bass drum. It has three rack toms and three cymbals all on two legs and one cross bar. I also have a cross bar and one more leg on the floor tom side that supports one more big tom and two more cymbals including a 21' ride. I wanna put a china on it as well.


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I bought a Pearl ICON rack and brought it back and bought a Gibraltar and have been extremely happy with it for 3 years.

Let me elaborate.

Problems for the Pearl Rack:
1. Too heavy
2. Feet are not adjustable for depth. With the Gibraltar you can side the feet forward/back to accommodate how the weight is distributed on your setup.
3. Square tubing doesn't allow you to set a piece at an angle out of necessity or creatively for look
4. End clamps tie you to putting the legs at the ends of the racks. Gibraltar clamps can slide the legs to anywere on the rack.
5. Straight main rack sections put the corners far away from you. Gibraltar offers straight and curved main sections so your set up is closer to you.

Unless Pearl Drums is a sponsor of yours and are giving you some kind of discount there is no need for you to be tied to using a Pearl rack. I have played Pearl drums since I started playing drums (recently changed to PDP) and I think Pearl hardware is great, but their rack pales in comparison to the Gibraltar.

Trust me. The rack I used in this picture is just collecting dust in my garage. I tried upgrading to the ICON rack and ended up trading it in for the Gibraltar.


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I custom built my Gibraltar Rack.
If you buy an already-made one you can ad on.
I highly suggest the Road series clamps. They're heavy duty.
I have the curved bars with Road series clamps. It holds two floor toms and 3 rack toms.
The DR80 rack is pretty good. I own and use one. The only gripes I have with it, is that you have to undo the allan bolts every time you want to adjust, or fold it up. Doesnt have wingnuts or anything to adjust.
All the bars are the same height.
Sometimes, because of the way it's made and the poles for legs, it leans if you have too much on it.
My allan screws though are stripped out, or near. The rack "arms" (the sides) still can be moved after tightened down. But I think that's just because my idiot band members from one of my past bands folded it up without undoing the bolts first and stripped the threads or did something. It wasn't like that when I got it. And I got mine used for 150, and it came with 7 clamps, instead of the 4.
I'm thinking about trading it to my buddy for his ICON rack though.
Other than that, I'm satisifed with the DR80. I felt it was a better buy. It had 3 sides and it runs about 160 brand new, as opposed to spending almost 300 on a Gibraltar, with only a front tube, and then having to spend the extra money to buy the sides.

Look on Ebay for racks, that's how I got mine.