Need Help


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Okay, so I was planning on buying a new snare or new hi-hats. I was going to get a ludwig supra-
phonic, but I need to get the thing I'm buying from Guitar center because I can get
a huge discount. And Guitar Center doesn't carry Ludwig. I have about $130 and the
discount can get me around 40% off depending on the brand. So, I was thinking about
getting some 2002/ Giant Beat hats or a different snare drum. What do you think I should buy?


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I would go with the Hats if you can afford them, then save up and buy the Supra because that's one sweet snare. I know it's the next drum i plan on adding to my collection.


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Yeah, I might do that. Or, if the 2002's were too expensive, then I was planning
on maybe getting a pork pie little squealer. I'll just have to see what my guitar
center has. Can you recommend a different snare that might sound good for playing
classic rock?